Live, work and study only in designated regional areas of Australia for 5 years

  • Be nominated by an employer whose business is lawfully operating in a designated regional area of Australia.
  • Must be under 45 years of age when you apply for the visa (may exempt from this criteria).
  • Undergo a suitable skills assessment.

  • Have a competent level of English or above (such as minimum IELTS score of 6 in 4 subjects).

  • Your nominated occupation must be on the 494 list of occupations.

  • Must have been employed in the nominated occupation for at least 3 years on a full-time basis and at the skill level required for the nominated occupation.
  • Meet the health and character requirement. 

  • No outstanding Government debt.

  • Sign the Australian values statement.

  • No previous visas cancelled or applications refused.


Arrange a Consultation

Assessment of visa eligibility


Enter into an Agreement

Clients will sign a costs disclosure and costs agreement with SUN LAWYERS


Document Preparation

We will guide the client through the whole process of gathering and preparing documents


Sponsorship and nomination applications

Submit a sponsorship and nomination application


Visa Application

Lodge the visa application for the client


Further Document Preparation

Guide the client in responding to request letters from the immigration department (if applicable)


Health and Character Check

Arrange health and character check


Visa Outcomes

Decision letter will be sent to the client

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa 494 Fee
Base application charge
Additional applicant charge 18 and over
Additional applicant charge under 18