• Have an approved temporary activities sponsor.   
  • Your sponsor must have nominated you to participate in a program of occupational training unless your sponsor is a Australian Commonwealth Government agency. 

  • Must be 18 years old or older at the time decision is made.

  • If you are applying in Australia, you must currently hold a valid temporary substantive visa that is not a subclass 403, subclass 771 or a Special Purpose visa.

  • Meet the health and character requirement.

  • Have adequate health insurance.

  • Be a genuine temporary entrant.

  • Must have at least Functional English(Overall score of at least 4.5 with a minimum score of 4 for each of the 4 parts(or equivalent)).
  • Not had a visa cancelled or an application refused.

  • Organisation must be lawfully established and actively engaged in business activities in Australia.

  • Be certain kind of organisation.

  • Be able to meet the obligations.

  • Have a good business record.

  • Obey Australian laws.

  • Must be able to show you can directly provide training, unless you are a national Australian Commonwealth Government agency or have an exemption.

Training visa 407 Fee
Temporary Activities Sponsorship
Training visa Nomination
Base application charge
Additional applicant charge 18 and over
Additional applicant charge under 18
Subsequent temporary application charge