This is a permanent resident visa for current Australian permanent residents, former Australian residents, and former Australian citizens, which allows applicants to maintain or reinstate their eligibility to return to Australia as an Australian permanent resident.

  • Have been present in Australia for 2 years in the last 5 years as the holder of a permanent visa (or permanent entry permit), or as an Australian citizen, in which case you will get a 5-year travel facility.
  • For applicant who have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for less than two years (730 days) in the last five years or who are former Australian citizens.
  • Under current immigration law, RRV applicants who have substantial ties, such as business ties/cultural ties/employment ties/ personal ties (including family ties) can only be given a maximum 12 months travel facility.
  • Demonstrating compelling reasons for any continuous absence from Australia of more than five years.

If the requirements for subclass 155 RRV are not met, and the applicant is eligible for a subclass 157 RRV, the maximum travel facility that can be granted with a subclass 157 RRV is 3 months.

Resident Return visa 155/157 Fee
Base application charge
Non-internet application charge